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Vol 20: July 2024

We're back with limited-time deals on products for July 2024! Get ready for summer with these featured items: Vegan Vegetable Ravioli, Piña Colada Cocktail Mix, Flat Phyllo Dough, Beer Battered Haddock Filets, White Corn, and Frozen Steak Bites.

Check out our limited-time deals on fun summer items for July 2024!

Pasta Ravioli Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Vegan

Lilly's Fresh Pasta
Item No: 10118
Pack Size: 2/3#
Discount: $5.00 OFF PER CASE

100% VEGAN – Freshly roasted carrots, string beans, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet peas, sweet corn, caramelized onions, and red peppers, wrapped in eggless pasta.

Mix Cocktail Piña Colada RTU

Daily's Cocktails
Item No: 78593
Pack Size: 9/64oz
Discount: $4.00 OFF PER CASE

Get ready to transport yourself with the tropical flavors of coconut and pineapple! Make your own refreshing drinks with Daily’s Piña Colada Cocktail Mix. Add your favorite rum, blend and enjoy.

Dough Phyllo Flat #7 14” x 18”

Athens Foods
Item No: 52952
Pack Size: 1/25#
Discount: $10.00 OFF PER CASE

Use phyllo every day, not just for special occasions. Our pastry sheets have no trans fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol. They are quick and easy to use for turnovers, strudels, pot pies, quiches, enchiladas, pizzas and calzones.

Fish Haddock Fillet Yuengling Lager Battered 6oz

Highliner Foodservice
Item No: 89009
Pack Size: 1/10#
Discount: $3.00 OFF PER CASE

Haddock Fillets dipped in perfectly seasoned batter made with renowned Yuengling® lager. Each fillet cooks from frozen, is easy to prepare, and goes from oven or fryer to plate in minutes. These fillets are a great combination of malty-rich crunch and slightly sweet, tender, flaky fish, with true mouth-watering plate appeal.

White Corn

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat
Item No: 22090
Pack Size: 1/48CT
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER CASE

This U.S. grown white corn from Georgia has a sweet and delicate flavor making it perfect for fresh and cooked preparations. Whole corn can be roasted, sauteed, steamed, boiled, or grilled. Kernels can also be removed to toss into salads or add to dips.

Beef Steak Bites Hand Cut Frozen

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat
Item No: 57454
Pack Size: 2/5#
Discount: $0.50 OFF PER POUND

Raw steak portioned into bite-sized pieces and frozen. Prepped and ready for use in soups, grilled skewers with summer vegetables, crostinis, and tacos or lettuce wraps.

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