1932 Custom Cut Meats

Elkridge, MD


Perfection can reside in the simplicity of an expertly sourced, masterfully cut and perfectly tender beef steak experience. The Saval Family’s knowledge of best-in-class beef dates back over 90 years, when Harry Saval’s famous corned beef brisket was wheeled (yes, in a wheelbarrow) to the best deli’s Baltimore had to offer. 

Today our team of massively experienced sourcers, meat cutters and steak experts are possibly even more obsessed with perfection. 

Our Values

  • Safe Handling: Dedication to safe transport, packaging and temperature control so your product arrives exactly as intended.
  • Expert Sourcing: Over 90 Years In the Local & National Meat Buying & Processing Industries
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Smarter Buying: We buy locally whenever possible to cut down on transit time and carbon emissions.

Our Partners

Meats By Linz

Copper Creek Cattle Company

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