The Salt

Vol 16: May 2024

We're back with limited-time deals on products for May! Featuring: White Corn, Octopus Tentacles, Chocolate Bundt Cake, Cold Beverage Carafe, and Petite Beef Strip.

We're back with limited-time deals on products for May 2024!

White Corn

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat
Item No: 22090
Pack Size: 1/48ct
Discount: $1.50 OFF PER CASE

White corn has a sweet and delicate flavor making it perfect for fresh and cooked preparations. Whole corn can be roasted, sauteed, steamed, boiled, or grilled. Kernels can also be removed to toss into salads or add to dips.

Octopus Tentacles Spanish Style Cooked Medium 2.8-4.2oz

Item No: 89170
Pack Size: 5/2#
Discount: $5.00 OFF PER CASE

All natural, fully cooked octopus tentacles with a tender texture and buttery, rich flavor. This product is vacuum packed to lock in fresh taste and has 100% yield. Minimal prep and labor required.

Cake Molten Chocolate Bundt

Sweet Street
Item No: 90607
Pack Size: 36/5oz
Discount: $3.00 OFF PER CASE

Moist dark chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate and filled with a molten dark chocolate truffle. Keep frozen or covered in a cooler and defrost when ready to use. Molten chocolate will melt out of the cake when heated.

Carafe Container Cold Beverage To Go Bag

Item No: 74826
Pack Size: 25/1gal
Discount: $3.00 OFF PER POUND

Clear, one gallon, hot or cold beverage friendly carafe bag with dispenser. This bag is leak resistant and made of clear PET/NY/PE.

Beef Strip Petite Cut Upper 2/3rd Choice 5-6oz Frozen

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat
Item No: 60045
Pack Size: 27/5-6oz
Discount: $0.25 OFF PER POUND

Grapefruit, a citrus fruit known for its vibrant flavor profile, combines sweet and tangy notes. Enjoy it freshly sliced on a fruit platter, squeezed into a zesty juice, or incorporated into salads and cocktails. Its versatility adds brightness and acid to a variety of culinary creations.

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