Pana Pesca Seafood

Pembroke, Massachusets

About Pana Pesca Seafood

Premium Frozen Seafood

For over 25 years, Panapesca USA has supplied premium frozen seafood products to restaurants and consumers around the country.
PanaPesca USA is a seafood importing and marketing company that provides a reliable and consistent supply of a wide range of shellfish and select finfish to the food service, grocery, and online retail markets. Our premium products are sourced globally from long term supply partners that pack to our specifications. We have extensive experience supporting supply programs to food service distributors, national and regional restaurant chains, retail organizations, and buying groups. We understand how to support those programs through the distribution chain, and how to manage often seasonal worldwide supply logistics to assure year-round continuity to our customers. We are thankful for all the companies, big and small, that put their trust in us.
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