The Salt

Vol 14: March 2024

We're back with limited-time deals on products for March 2024. Featuring: Vegetable Spring Rolls, Shredded American Cheese, Pink Lemonade Cake, Pub House Battered Cod, Lamb Legs, and Green Cabbage.

We're back with limited-time deals on products for March 2024!

Appetizer Spring Roll Vegetable

Golden Tiger
Item No: 09274
Pack Size: 144/1 oz
Discount: $3.00 OFF PER CASE

This vegetable spring roll is ready-to-eat and is delicately rolled in a thin, golden and crispy crepe-like wrapper.Filled with crunchy vegetables and spices, including umami seasoning, for a lighter alternative to egg rolls.These spring rolls are excellent for takeout and delivery.

Cheese American Extra Melt Shred

Land O' Lakes
Item No: 06722
Pack Size: 4/5#
Discount: $4.00 OFF PER CASE

Land O Lakes® Extra Melt® Cheese offers great taste and versatility with the consistency you can count on to make your dishes great, every time. Delicious as a queso or a sauce base for mac and cheese and soups.

Cake Pink Lemonade 14 Cut

Item No: 24596
Pack Size: 2/7#
Discount: $4.00 OFF PER CASE

Four layers of swirled bright pink and mellow yellow lemon flavor cake are soaked in a lemon simple syrup and spread with a vibrant lemon curd. Filled with a light lemon mousse and frosted with light yellow vanilla icing, this refreshing cake is finished with a lively pink border and sprinkles.

Fish Cod Pub House Battered 2-3oz

Trident Seafood
Item No: 92078
Pack Size: 1/10#
Discount: $3.00 OFF PER CASE

Alaska Cod wrapped in a crispy batter, is a restaurant-quality meal ready in minutes. You'll love them alongside a creamy potato salad, with ketchup and tartar sauce, with crispy sweet potato fries, in a pita pocket with coleslaw and so many more!

Lamb Leg Bone In Center Cut Steak 14oz

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat
Item No: 63053
Pack Size: 1/14oz
Discount: $0.50 OFF PER POUND

Cut from the center of the bone-in imported lamb leg. This unique center of the plate item can be cooked to temperature and provides great plate coverage. Try this grilled medium rare after marinating in Dijon mustard and rosemary.

Green Cabbage

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat
Item No: 22034
Pack Size: 1/50#
Discount: $1.50 OFF PER CASE

Green cabbage is a leafy vegetable characterized by its round, compact head of tightly packed leaves with a vibrant green hue. It offers a crisp texture and a mildly sweet flavor, making it a versatile ingredient in salads, stir-fries, rolls, and soups.

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