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Sweet and Salty Menu Ideas

Start the menu off strong with addicting and labor friendly appetizers like trail mix, elevated pickle plates and more!

Start the menu off strong with addicting and labor friendly appetizers!

Snack Mix Trail Cajun Wild West Sweet | 90948 | 2/5# | Azar Nut

A unique blend of sesame sticks, hot and spicy peanuts, butter toffee peanuts,cajun corn sticks, honey sesame chips, and honey roasted peanuts. Enjoy as an indulgent snacking item.

Pickle Sweet Gherkins | 41026 and 41027 | 4/1gal and 1gal

With a long shelf life and labor-saving "fire-time", adding a pickle assortment as a small plate is an easy way to bulk up your offerings.

Fruit Dried Banana Chips 5 Pound | 7484 | 1/5# | Saval Produce

Satisfying, versatile and delicious on a salad, canape or charcuterie board.

Bread and Butter Cross Cut Pickles. 5/16"  1444 Ct Avg | 62663 | 1/5 gal | Saval Deli

You can't go wrong with a classic Saval Deli Pickle. A skillful blend of natural spices, sugar, salt, and vinegar added to cut cucumbers to create a crisp and firm texture, with a sweet and dynamic flavor.

Tomatoes Green Pickled 100 Count | 19795 | 1/4gal | Saval Deli

Nut Pecan Pieces Glazed | 93027 | 1/5# | Azar Nut

Nut Walnut Honey Maple Halves And Pieces | 41260 | 2/5lb | Azar Nut

Appetizer Hushpuppy Sweet Corn Bakeable | 74328 | 2/5# | Savannah Foods

Sausage Link Maple 2oz Rtc Layer Pack | 74840 | 80/2oz | Central Avenue

Corn Dog Chicken Honey | 51819 | 1/72ct | Foster

Muffin Banana Nut 6 Oz | 28098 | 12/6oz | David's

Nutella Spread | 1059 | 2/105oz | Nutella

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