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New Local Supplier: Orinoco Coffee

Saval is proud to stock our neighbor and local supplier, Orinoco Coffee. To produce the optimum flavor found in our gourmet coffee beans, Orinoco's handcrafted specialty coffee is custom roasted daily using SAMIAC or PROBAT roasters — considered the best roasting equipment available.

Introducing Orinoco Coffee

We're passionate about working with local and family-owned companies like us. So when we realized Orinoco Coffee is based just up the street from our Headquarters, we gave them a call.

Orinoco's Master Roaster, Juan-Carlos Ramirez is passionate about coffee sourcing, roasting and flavor profiles.

His enthusiasm for talking about coffee origin, bean size, and Fair Trade practices and sustainability, make it immediately obvious: coffee is in his blood. But that’s not surprising. He hails from a family of specialty coffee roasters who have been growing, exporting, and roasting specialty coffees since the early 1900s!


Coffee Breakfast Blend | 74656 | 64/3oz

Our delicious Orinoco House Blend coffee is taken to a slightly darker roast and with an extra touch of Indonesian coffee to create Orinoco Coffee & Tea's Breakfast Blend coffee. This blend has a special flavor and that extra punch needed in your morning cup of joe.

Coffee Colombian | 74652 | 64/3oz

Colombia brought its first coffee trees from the French Antilles in 1808 via Venezuela; today Colombia is the third coffee producer country in the world after Brazil and Vietnam with an input ( 2019 ) of 14 million 132-pound bags placing Colombia La Meseta in a very privilege position in the worldwide coffee market. Coffee from Colombia is one of the few coffees out of all the coffee producing countries of the world that could be sold all over the world under its own name, no other coffee has achieved that level of respect for its quality.

Coffee Colombian Decaf | 74654 | 64/3oz

Colombia La Mesesta is the highest grade Colombian available. You may have heard of Colombian origin coffees before, so you may think that you know what Colombian coffee tastes like. But trust us, you haven't tried anything like Colombia La Mesesta. Orinoco Coffee & Tea's Decaffeinated Colombian coffee yields great body, low acidity, and superbly balanced flavor.

Coffee French Roast | 74650 | 64/3oz

A carefully chosen blend of South American coffees taken to a French roast. Orinoco’s French Roast coffee has a medium body and the roast profile gives it a bittersweet aftertaste.

Ask your Saval Sales Rep for more information and inquire about ordering!

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