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Chicago, Illinois


Linz Heritage Angus has become one of the premier names in the Angus breed and offers some of the most sought after genetics.  These world class genetics are one of the defining factors in sourcing the highest quality beef.  Our genetics are used by cattlemen across the country to improve the quality of their herds.

meats by linz heritage angus photo from their website
Photo Credit: Meats By Linz

Meats By Linz is very proud of what Linz Heritage Angus has become. Over the years since beginning this journey they've created relationships with some of the best partners and most knowledgeable breed experts out there.

We've come a long way and have learned a lot, it can be seen in the powerful and healthy Linz Heritage Angus herd, a herd derived of the absolute best genetics that will only grow stronger in the years ahead.

The Ultimate in Dry Age

Meats by Linz has one of the largest state of the art Dry Age rooms in the country! Some of the beef that we dry age has a light age of 2 weeks while others are aged for up to 85 days and beyond. Click below to learn more about our Dry Aging program.

Steakhouse Preferred

Meats by Linz are available for Special Order exclusively through Saval Foodservice.

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