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Saval Foodservice launches Saval Produce

Saval Foodservice announces the launch of Saval Produce, a dedicated produce division of Saval Foodservice.

For Immediate Release | January 3, 2022

The Saval Produce operational headquarters is located at the Maryland Produce Market in Jessup. The produce stall adds an additional 3,000 square feet of multi-temperature refrigerated and operational space to Saval Foodservice’s existing 120,000 square feet in Elkridge, Maryland.

“As an independent distributor, we have the freedom to evolve and meet the needs of our customers- and that’s what we’re doing here.” said Brian Saval, Saval Foodservice Vice President

Saval Produce’s position at the market allows for competitive sourcing from daily inbound deliveries. The specialized division aims to create a larger and more diverse produce catalog for Saval Foodservice and Saval Produce customers, while improving overall quality control.

“When we’re talking about produce and shelf life, the standard pack sizes available can be too large for a smaller user. In an effort to reduce food waste and make these items accessible, we’ve added a large number of smaller and split case sizes to accommodate that need.” Said Scott Bucka, Vice President of Business Development
“We’re in a position to offer our customers specialty, local and seasonal items on a scale that would not be possible without creating a separate division,” said Paul Saval, Saval Foodservice President & CEO. “We’ve been fortunate in building a talented and dedicated produce team.”

The Saval Produce initiative has been spearheaded by Scott Bucka, Vice President of Business Development and Produce Specialist Shawn McClure.

Founded in 1932 in Baltimore, Maryland, Saval Foodservice has grown from a corned beef processing facility, to the largest locally based and independent broadline foodservice distributor in the region. Celebrating 90 years in business, Saval Foodservice is looking forward to an exciting 2022.

Learn more about Saval Produce here.

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