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A Commitment to Service Excellence

Our experienced cleaning and food safety experts will work with you to implement a program that addresses your facility’s unique needs. When you work with Swisher backed by superior service,  you can rest assured that we’re here 24/7 to take care of problems—so you can take care of business.

Optimized Operations

Innovative chemistry, simple procedures & training deliver consistent results & minimizes operational costs.

Delighted Guests

Solutions that provide delightful guest experiences & create loyal customers.

Protected Reputations

A comprehensive program, ongoing service and expertise to help you serve safe food.

Making Your Life Easier

Prompt service to help you reduce downtime and achieve business results.



Liquid Dishmachine Detergent           1-5 Gal | 72158                 4-1 Gal | 72152

Powerful, proven cleaning of all soils to help minimize costly rewash.

Solid Dishmachine Detergent           2-9 lb | 72182

Heavy-duty, solid, machine dishwashing detergent effectively removes stains and  stubborn food soils with ease ensuring your customers leave with a lasting  positive impression.

Low Temp Dishmachine Sanitizer            4-1 Gal | 72162                 1-5 Gal | 72156

EPA-registered chlorine sanitizer for low-temp machines.  EPA Reg. No. 1677-52-541.


Swisher Rinse Additive            4-1 Gal | 72160                 1-5 Gal | 72154

All-temp rinse drying agent to add that extra sparkle to your dishes and glasses.


Delimer           4-1 Gal | 72164

Versatile, multi-purpose lime scale remover maximizes dishmachine performance.


Surface Cleaner Sanitizer           RTU6-32 oz | 72178

2-in-1 Cleaner Sanitizer with a 15-second direct claim* against the virus that causes COVID-19 and a 30-second Norovirus claim*. Ideal for food contact surfaces. EPA Reg. No. 1677-259.

Swisher Sani Quad Food Service Sanitizer (COVID-19 CLAIM)           4-1 Gal | 72168

An EPA-registered, no-rinse quat sanitizer. EPA Reg. No. 6836-70-1677.


Liquid Flatware Presoak           4-1 Gal | 72170

Concentrated liquid presoak for removing soils on flatware.


Swisher Green Pot & Pan Detergent           4-1 Gal | 72166                1-5 Gal | 72184

High-sudsing, long-lasting manual detergent. Floral scent.


Heavy Duty Degreaser and Floor Cleaner           4-1 Gal | 72176

Designed for use on hard, non porous floors, grease hoods, flashing and foodservice equipment.


Ultra Neutral Floor Cleaner           2-2 L | 72172

All-purpose cleaner for daily use on floor, including wood and finished floors.

Swisher Enzymatic No Rinse Floor Cleaner           1-2.5 Gal | 72174

Attacks the grease and eliminates this deep-down cause of slippery floors. Proven to increase the friction of slippery kitchen quarry tile.


Clinging Oven and Grill Cleaner           6-32 oz | 72190

Thickening high-performance clinging and degreaser for cleaning vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Swisher No Boil Fryer Cleaner           2-24 oz | 72186

Ready-to-use, spray-on fryer cleaner requires no boil-out to clean tough, cooked-on grease in the deep fryer. No personal protective equipment needed.


Ultra Premium Glass Cleaner           2-2 L | 72188

Concentrated glass cleaner that delivers streak-free performance on glass via dispensed closed-loop system.


As your businesses grows and evolves, we’ve adapted and grown, too! You can count on us for the long haul to deliver exceptional results to help you succeed.

A partnership with Swisher means reliable results, 24/7 service, comprehensive training and a one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs. We’re your go-to partner to help you raise the bar on guest satisfaction and operational efficiency while keeping an eye on your bottom line.

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