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A Letter from Tom Cortopassi, President & Co-Owner

Dear Restaurateur,

Growing up, I learned many of the “Real Italian” values which guide our family-owned company from my Italian parents and grandparents. Values like … “Always work hard,” “Always do your best,” “Always keep your word,” and “Never cut corners.” Our family’s love of good food is rooted in the small family farms of Liguria and Tuscany. In good times and lean, eating well has always been a matter of family pride.

As my Grandmother Teresa used to say, “At the Cortopassi table, si mangia sempre bene!”(One always eats well!) I am especially grateful that my Grandfather Amerigo Cortopassi passionately believed in passing along the values and traditions that he learned from his parents and grandparents back in Lucca, Italy. Today, our family still gathers every December to hand-make sausage and salami, following the exact same Cortopassi family recipe that Amerigo brought to California at age 17.

For us, striving to make our tomatoes “best of the best” isn’t just business, it is highly personal. Our employees take great pride in knowing that, for generations, restaurant families across the United States and Canada have counted on our tomatoes to make their own recipes taste their best. That is also why we think of our restaurateur customers as members of our extended family. As I often remind our team, “We cannot succeed unless our customers have success!”

We are proud to present the Stanislaus family of premium fresh-packed tomato products and how we do things differently!

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