Lamb Weston

Eagle, Idaho

About Lamb Weston

Potatoes are our sole focus.

To help you delight your customers, thousands of Lamb Weston potato experts around the world are hard at work growing, harvesting and processing potatoes into the delicious options your guest crave. With processing facilities located close to where we grow, you can count on the right potato, getting to the right facility to be made into the potato products you need to make your menu stand out.

Lamb Weston’s Simplified & Strengthened Portfolio

When you live in the restaurant world,you have a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is more complexity. Lamb Weston has reorganized their portfolio with the operator in mind so that you can easily find the perfect potato solutions for your business.

To help simplifry your world, Lamb Weston has redesigned their product guide and created the new and intuitive Find My Fry Quiz to make more seamless and easier than ever to find the right category and product for your operational needs.

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