Hiatus Cheesecakes

Baltimore, Maryland

About Hiatus Cheesecake

Hiatus Cheesecake is a thriving black owned business based in Baltimore, Maryland that specializes in crafting some of the highest quality gourmet cheesecakes in the market from scratch. Serving our community plays a pivotal role in our day-to-day business operations.

At Hiatus Cheesecake, we take a simplified approach by making delicious cheesecake with the most premium and highest quality ingredients that are currently available in the market. We take pride in making everything we bake from scratch using organic and all natural ingredients. We offer both a "Pull N' Plate" option for restaurants and a "Grab N' Go" option with our brand label for grocery stores. We have a creative and unique selection of flavors that allows our wholesale customers to select the cheesecakes that will best fit their clientele.

These days, most people are concerned with their diets. At some point we all take breaks from those diets. A “Hiatus” cheesecake represents a temporary break from your diet. Our portion sizes are small so that you don’t overindulge, but you still get to experience the amazing rich and decadent taste of our cheesecake.

We take pride in creating family-wage sustaining jobs and training programs for local Baltimore City residents with an emphasis on hiring minorities in underserved communities.

Hiatus is currently working to develop a culinary apprenticeship program to support work study programs from local high schools, colleges, and trade schools.

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