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Franklin Farms

Franklin, Connecticut

About Franklin Farms

Franklin Farms began in 1981 on–you guessed it–an actual mushroom farm in Franklin, Connecticut. Since introducing our vegetable-based burgers, Franklin Farms has been bringing exciting yet good-for-you meatless meals from field to table. Now, we've crafted a range of health-conscious plant-based products that span day parts, meal types, and taste profiles. We start with the flavor-forward, high-quality, plant proteins. Then we mix them, splice them, mingle them, and dice them. And we don’t genetically engineer them. From quick bite to sit-down dinner, Franklin Farms makes cooking with and eating plant-based proteins easy and delicious. Grow your plant-based horizons with Franklin Farms.

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78912 | Tofu Firm Pressed Vacuum Pack | 6/14oz

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