The Salt

Vol 13: February 2024

We're back with limited-time deals on products for February 2024! Featuring chicken gravy, pineapple chunks, 1-ply napkins, sweetheart ribeye steaks, strawberries, and BBQ sauce.

We're back with limited-time deals on products for February 2024!

Mix Chicken Gravy

Item No: 41408
Pack Size: 8/16 oz
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER CASE

Golden yellow color and rich chicken flavor make this gravy a homestyle favorite. This convenient and labor-saving product can accompany your favorite meat, poultry and side dish.

Pineapple Chunks in Juice

Item No: 78580
Pack Size: 6/10#
Discount: $5.00 OFF PER CASE

AMBROSIA® Pineapple Chunks are imported from Thailand, Indonesia, and China. Pineapple is a tropical fruit and the climate in Southeast Asia is ideal for growing this deliciously sweet golden fruit. Pineapple is cut in chunks and packed in its own juice.

Napkin White Interfolded Dispenser 1 Ply 6.3x8.8

Item No: 94783
Pack Size: 12/500 CT
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER CASE

The most affordable solution for high-volume applications, this interfolded napkin offers great absorbency and durability. These interfold napkins reduce consumption and waste by 25% when combined with interfold dispensing systems. They are ideal for high-traffic venues looking for an economical option.

Beef Steak Ribeye Sweetheart

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat
Item No: 60531
Pack Size: 1/24 oz
Discount: $0.50 OFF PER POUND

Whether you're creating a romantic moment or serving a memorable meal, this expertly trimmed and butterflied ribeye is a perfect center-of-plate option for February dinner specials.

Strawberries Florida

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat
Item No: 21588
Pack Size: 8/1#
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER CASE

Naturally sweet and available year round, strawberries are a popular fruit for sweet or savory recipes. Toss them in a salad, mix them into a drink or smoothie, or pair them with chocolate for a Valentine's Day dessert.

Sauce Barbeque

Super Chef, Chefler Foods
Item No: 44726
Pack Size: 4/1 Gallon
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER CASE

This BBQ sauce is a sweet and slightly spicy rich blend. Filled with garlic, tamarind, and that good old southern bite, it compliments your dish as a glaze or a dipping condiment.

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