The Salt

Vol 11: December 2023

We're back with limited-time deals on products for December 2023! Featuring: Franks in Blankets, Vegetable Potstickers, Fillo Dough, Extra Heavy Mayo, Northwoods Chili, Ground Nutmeg, and Sweet Potatoes.

We're back with limited-time deals on products for December 2023!

Appetizer Franks in Blanket

Cuisine Innovations
Item No: 1109
Pack Size: 1/100ct
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER CASE

A 100% all beef, nitrate free, frank wrapped in a flaky trans fat free buttery French puff pastry dough.

Appetizer Potsticker Vegetable

Cuisine Innovations
Item No: 79106
Pack Size: 8/12ct
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER CASE

An Asian dumpling wrap stuffed with a medley of finely chopped vegetables that include carrots, celery and onions. Lightly seasoned with garlic and ginger for a true Asian flavor.

Dough Fillo (Phyllo) Flat #7

Athens Foods
Item No: 52952
Pack Size: 1/25#
Discount: $4.00 OFF PER CASE

Use fillo every day, not just for special occasions. Our pastry sheets have no trans fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol. They are quick and easy to use for turnovers, strudels, pot pies, quiches, enchiladas, pizzas and calzones.

Mayonnaise Extra Heavy

Item No: 46105
Pack Size: 4 gallon bucket
Discount: $4.00 OFF PER BUCKET

Not just for salads anymore. Our mayo is made with egg yolks and has a rich, delicious flavor with bright lemon notes. The lighter color and purposefully drier texture make it perfect for prepared salads, so they won't discolor or lose flavor as with other mayos.

Full Strength Chili Northwoods

Bistro Soups & Chili
Item No: 19990
Pack Size: 4/4#
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER CASE

A ready-to-eat hearty chili made with premium fresh ground beef, kidney beans, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and a hint of brown sugar.

Spice Ground Nutmeg

Item No: 81777
Pack Size: 1/2#
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER EACH

Sourced especially for chefs, this Culinary Ground Nutmeg gives recipes, notably beverages, that distinctive, homestyle flavor. Essential in any sweet baked treat from made-from-scratch cakes and cookies to fruit dishes, eggnog or rice pudding desserts. Kosher with no MSG added.

Sweet Potatoes

1932 Specialty Produce
Item No: 22363
Pack Size: 1/40#
Discount: $2.00 OFF PER CASE

Sweet potatoes offer a sugary-sweet flavor with earthy undertones and hints of nuttiness. Used in both sweet and savory recipes, some common applications include casseroles, ratatouille, or lasagna, cubed and simmered in soup, chili, or coconut curries, or cut into wedges and fried, served with your favorite dipping sauce.

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