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V09: November

Explore discounts from Tartufi Morra, our new Supplier of fine Italian Truffle Specialties!

Truffle Sauce

Tartufi Morra
Item No
: 24670
Pack Size: 6/250ML
Discount: $5.00 OFF PER CASE

This sauce is born from the union of the champignon mushrooms and summer truffles. Ideal to consume with chicken, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, and fish.

White Truffle Salt • $8.00 Off Per Case

Tartufi Morra

Item No: 24680

Pack Size: 12/100GR

A modern product that can be used on any recipe to give a pinch of white truffle flavor. Ideal to consume on fries, grilled meat or fish.

Mike's Amazing Dressings • Ranch, Blue Cheese & Honey Mustard • $2.00 Off Per Case

Dressing Ranch

Item No: 44712

Pack Size: 4/1GAL

A thick and creamy condiment that is rich with a wonderful zesty flavor!

Dressing Blue Cheese

Item No: 44706

Pack Size: 4/1GAL

A creamy and chunky rendition of blue cheese with a tangy unique blend of herbs and select spices.

Dressing Honey Mustard

Item No: 44718

Pack Size: 4/1GAL

A velvety fresh tasting dressing filled with light amber honey, eggs, a bit of mustard, and other secret ingredients.

Green Beans

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat

Item No: 22017

Pack Size: 1/25#

Discount: $2.00 Off Per Case

Green beans are delicious blanched, roasted, steamed or sautéed. Whether you're looking for a traditional casserole or roasted with sesame oil and sriracha, the crunchy and versatile texture makes them ideal for a variety of sides and salads.

Beef Steak Stew Meat FZ

1932 Specialty Produce & Meat

Item No: 57454

Pack Size: 2/5#

Discount: $0.50 Off Per Pound

A cut of raw steak portioned into stew sized pieces and frozen. Use in beef stew, soups, and Bourguignon.

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