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Vol 03: April 2023

Explore Spring savings on favorites from Orinoco, Smithield, 1932 and more!

We're back with limited time deals on products for April, 2023!

Colombian Coffee

Orinoco Coffee & Tea
Item No
: 74652
Pack Size: 64/3 OZ.
Discount: $5 OFF PER CASE

Colombian coffee, when well roasted, delivers a smooth full-flavored cup  with undertones of caramel and nuts and a bright finish. Colombian coffee is roasted at a medium spectrum to fully appreciate its caramel undertones.

Lemonberry Cake

Impasto Italian Bakery
Item No: 67388
Pack Size: 2/5.01 #
Discount: $3 OFF PER CASE

Vanilla sponge cake with real berries and raspberries. Lemon mascarpone cream, finished with berry glaze and pink chocolate curls. This cake comes pre-sliced in 12 pieces.

Foil Roll 18x1000 Standard 63 Gauge

Item No: 69304
Pack Size: 1/ ROLL
Discount: $3 OFF PER CASE

American-made for the most  reliable and trustworthy foodservice  applications. Seals freshness in.  Preserve foods and protect against contamination. Easy to dispense, easy to tear with attached cutter blade.

No Boil Fryer Cleaner

Swisher Chemical
Item No: 72186
Pack Size: 2/24 OZ.
Discount: $3 OFF PER CASE

Cut your cleaning time in half and  eliminate the hazardous, labor-intensive boil-out step. Swisher No Boil is a safer and faster method of cleaning and helps get rid of carbon buildup that reduces heat and causes flavor transference.

Pork Wings, Fully Cooked – 4 oz.

Item No: 15500
Pack Size: 1/9 #
Discount: $10 OFF PER CASE

Tasty and tender, these whole-muscle pork shanks are slow cooked and ready to serve. They taste great naked, with rubs and spices, or with your favorite sauces and glazes. They can be  prepared via grill, oven, deep  fryer, air fryer or smoker.

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