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About Souper Girl


Soupergirl is Sara Polon, a former stand-up comedian turned soup-maker/CEO. Her mom, Marilyn Polon, is Soupermom (aka the Chief Anxiety Officer) - a home-taught master in the kitchen. This...was not in the plan. But here we are, so let's dive in.

We only use ingredients you recognize. Our food is fresh and made with ingredients that are in season, accommodating a number of dietary needs.

Community Efforts

We are deeply committed to working with our neighbors to fight food insecurity. We’ve teamed up with partners such as the DC Food Project, Yad Yehuda, World Central Kitchen, and Food Rescue US to work towards ending hunger in our neighborhood and beyond.

Environmentally Conscious

We compost, source from sustainable farms, are certified plastic neutral, use wind energy, fight food waste, cook plant-based food - basically everything in our power to help combat climate change. Know that with every bowl of Soupergirl food you enjoy, you’re making a great choice for the planet.

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